A contest for secundary schools in Belgium

To discover the Internet of Things (IoT), a technology to take on the challenges of tomorrow

IoTopia explained

What ?

Iotopia is a contest to help 17-18 year old students discover Internet of Things (IoT) technologies under the guidance of their teachers with the help of tools and methods provided by the organisers.

The contest has 3 phases:

  • Ideation: teachers and participating students work out ideas for innovative IoT enabled products and services
  • Prototyping: the best ideas get an IoTopia Rapid Development Kit to materialise in prototypes
  • Storytelling: participants have to present their project on an international developer platform. The 10 best projects are selected by the IoTopia partners to present their project at a closing event

How ?

The organisers provide high quality tools and resources during the whole period of the contest.

  • Ideation methodology: 4 step method to clearly formulate and share ideas as well as challenge them
  • IoTopia Rapid Development Kits: this kit includes a microcontroller, a set of sensors and access to a mobile network to build the prototypes
  • IoTopia website: all documentation is published and updated on the IoTopia website for permanent reference of all participants
  • Workshops: IoTopia organises workshops to familiarise the teachers with the above mentioned tools
  • Continuous support: participants can at all times ask for guidance

Organisers and partners

IoTopia is an initiative taken by the 3 organising partners: AllThingsTalk, an IoT technology company, Orange Belgium and Studio Dott a product design agency.

The other partners, Intel, Plantyn (school books publisher) and Agoria (employers and trade organisation) actively work with the organisers to enrich the contest on top of their financial support.

IoTopia is an initiative taken by

With the active and financial support of