Contest 2016-2017

Discover Internet of Things (IoT), a technology to take on the challenges of tomorrow

The Contest

We invite students to team up with a teacher and come up with ideas to change our world for the better, taking on tomorrow’s challenges.

IOTOPIA is a contest to explore your everyday world and think differently, to come up with new ideas, to be inventive and build real creations, program, use mobile apps and other modern technologies to realise your ideas.

IOTOPIA voting has closed. Participating teams are now making ideas a reality.

The IOTOPIA Contest is an open initiative and participation is entirely free for all secondary schools in Belgium
What will you solve?
The future challenges our society faces are important, both in terms of impact and complexity to tackle them. Topics such as climate change, mobility, health and care for an ageing society, clearly affect youngsters.
Addressing these subjects might look challenging, but the good news is that the tools and resources at hand will support future generations to solve these complex issues.

Climate change

Perhaps the biggest threat to our planet today, with rising temperatures, melting ice caps and excessive use of the earth’s resources, climate change affects us all. Can connected technologies help us better source, utilise and re-use our planet’s resources?


Increasingly more vehicles join our roads contributing to congestion, pollution, accidents and further (ab)use of fossil fuels. Urban areas depend on population movement whether it’s public transport, your car or bicycle even walking on foot.

How could a new app or smart sensor device help people get around the city better for work, play and leisure?

Care & Health

With the ability to track and understand more data than ever, people can really ‘work out’ what is good for them.

With an entire movement of ‘quantified-self’ fanatics and ‘wearable’ gadgets helping individuals improve their health, what do you think could have the biggest impact on society?


Communities have allowed us humans to thrive over the millennia, now more than ever technologies connect us across cities and continents.

With all those ‘social networks’ we sometimes forget about those physically close to us, how could you use Smart devices and the internet to help the elderly or needful in communities around you?

Important dates and next steps for the IoTopia contest

October 2016

Teachers and team supervisors are required to register before the 15th October 2016. Once teams are registered they can start working on their project immediately.

December 2016
Idea Creation & Project Submissions Closes

The deadline for final project submissions is the 22nd of December. This will also be the start date for the public voting.

January 2017
Voting Closes

Your projects will be live on the IoTopia Platform for the world to see and vote upon, the top projects will win support and resources to build the projects into real working solutions.

February 2017

Projects that get recognised will receive resources for prototyping and will have over 8 weeks to realise their idea

March 2017
Final Deadline for Project Showcase Submission

All projects that are built in the prototyping stage will be documented and shared with the IoTopia community and on for the whole world to see. The deadline here is the 31st of March.

April 2017
Closing Event

To celebrate the hard work and announce the prize winning projects, on the 26th of April the closing event will bring together participants to meet and talk about their projects.

The IOTOPIA Initiative

IOTOPIA is a nationwide contest for all schools in Belgium, focusing at students in their final two years of study to explore new topics concerning technology and innovation.

Our goal at IOTOPIA is to promote IoT with youngsters, the technology for the generation of tomorrow, as well as promote STEM education and an opportunity to collaborate and experience team work to help professional career development.

2016 – 2017 Edition

In this second edition of IoTopia, we invite participants to discover the Internet of Things while addressing societal subjects such as health, pollution, mobility and care.

Combined with the foresight of increasingly dense urban areas, these matters encourage us to think out of the box and innovate.

Get inspired!

Last year’s Edition of IOTOPIA brought over 50 teams from schools across Flanders which worked on many amazing concepts, a great amount were realised and made into working solutions.

Check them out at the project showcase on

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IOTOPIA 2016 – 2017