The first step in the IOTOPIA contest, is to submit one or several ideas. During this ‘ideation’ stage, we ask all participating teams to create a visual overview of the system behind their idea. This means that we expect a visualisation of the relationships between all involved people, objects and environments that are part of your idea.

To facilitate this, we offer all participants a set of ideation tools – which were created by Studio Dott. The tools consist of a set of custom templates and cards. A guide on how to use these tools can be found, after logging in, on the IOTOPIA website.


How to claim your cards?

We want to make sure the cards reach the right person straight away. Therefore, we ask you to fill out this form and indicate two things:

  • The address which we can send the cards to (the school address, or a private address – depending on what is easiest for you as a teacher)
  • The amount of groups you plan to enrol for the IOTOPIA contest. Based on this number, we can make sure you get enough card decks.

Ideation webinar

We still have some free spaces in our Ideation webinar, which takes place on Thursday, October 20th. During this 1-hour webinar, we will walk you through how the ideation tools can be used in class.

Sign up by sending an e-mail to