Over 1500 people joined Schools and team across Belgium to vote on their favourite IoT ideas based around the categories of Climate Change, Care & Health, Mobility and Community. Over 11000 votes were cast to see what ideas could make the biggest impact on our society.

We are happy to say that all participating schools and teams will be receiving an IoT Rapid Development Kit to support building their ideas in the next stage of the IoTopia contest.

So what were the most popular ideas? Check out the overall voting results for all ideas.

The top 10 ideas include:

1309 votes
Smart Trash
1198 votes
Self sustainable greenhouse controlled by Iot
1142 votes
Smart greenhouse through Iot
1132 votes
GO2: The most efficient and fun way to go to school!
946 votes
Plant Assist
691 votes
EyeWatched: Make watching TV problem-free!
542 votes
My composting friend
467 votes
Emergency Lights
462 votes
432 votes

All in all, the IoTopia team is extremely happy with all participating teams and look forward to seeing what creations they can build with their IoT development kits.

Happy making!

The IoTopia Team