A Summary of 2015 – 2016 Edition

In June 2015 the first edition of IoTopia began which would challenge schools across Flanders to use IoT Technologies to build innovative solutions to solve everyday problems at home, in schools and around their cities.

Over 42 school subscribed, with 52 participating teams creating over 117 ideas using the IoT Ideation Toolkit, which were shared and opened up to the public to discuss and brought more than 18,000 votes to showcase the best and most interesting projects.

From here over 100 IoTopia AllThingsTalk Rapid Development Hardware Kits were sent to selected teams to build their projects, where 25 ideas were successfully created and presented on Hackster.io.

Completed Projects

At Hackster.io you can find a showcase of IoTopia Projects from the last edition.
25 projects were successfully dreamt up, developed, worked out and built in to working prototypes, as well as being fully documented for you to make too!

Below you can find just a sample of the projects over at Hackster.io

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